July 11, 2020

Acid Resistant Tiles

We are foremost manufacturer of Acid Resistant Tile and us looking purchaser of Acid Resistant Tile from all over India. Spots like petro-compound businesses, sustenance enterprises and comparable spot are made save with our Acid Resistant Tiles. We supply them universally and have been doing as such since a long time. Our unparalleled quality and elevated expectation is the thing that separates us. 

Our products are recognized for their fine completion, excellent polish, enthralling designs and chemical resistance. Additionally, we give remarkable services of Flooring and Coating, Water Proofing and Refractive Lining. Under this, we include Chimney Boiler Refractive Lining, Water Proofing, Mastic Flooring, Epoxy Coating, Epoxy Flooring and FRP Lining. 

Because of the ideal quality items and reasonable dealings, we have been successful in procuring the fulfillment of the customers.

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June 15, 2020

Acid Proof Tiles

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Acid Proof Tiles in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. These Acid Proof Tiles have been made of excellent quality material that is obtained from the reliable suppliers of the market. Our range consists of Acid Proof Brick Lining. Acid Resistant Tiles & Bricks, Acid Proof Tiles and etc.  These types of Tiles are used in tanks, floor, drains, and vessels to resist acid, alkalis and solvents.

We are distributing and supplying of High Quality Acid Proof Tiles in being one of the most reliable materials in the range of anti-corrosion products can stand against the harsh chemicals and stains caused by corrosion. An Acid Proof Tile is with quality assembly. These Acid Proof Tiles have got a high requirement among our customers in the worldwide market. Our engineers are maintained and track with new and current trend in the market, as per the trends they are developing the products and supplying an exclusive quality of Acid Proof Tiles.

We also obtainable for supply all the sizes and designs and we manufacture the products as per the customer’s requirements. We are supplying a wide range of Acid proof Tiles in nationally and internationally. We are manufacturing the excellent quality products with the use of superior quality raw materials.

·         Longer service life
·         Less maintenance
·         Easy to fit
·         Optimum resistance against heat

June 2, 2020

Acid Resistant Cement

We are leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Acid Resistant Cement. These are distinctive kind of chemicals like fluid silicates which are utilized broadly as entering solid sealers. The silica responds with free calcium in the solid and structures calcium silicate hydrate. This results in a solid surface that are more scraped area safe, all the more chemically safe, harder and less penetrable. Potassium Silicate can be utilized to prevent whitish sprouting, or blooming. 

A cement composition for use in acidic situations containing an acid resistant particulate total of the melded mullite total or other total material, with quartz, and micro silica in the mix with a colloidal silica sol folio and being generously free, of Na mixes and K mixes which respond within the sight of sulfuric corrosive to frame salt sulfates in administration, along these lines diminishing the toughness or the administration life. 

We are the best manufacturer of Acid Resistant Cement with the use of latest technology, and we supply this all at the reasonable price.

April 28, 2020

Acid Proof Mortar

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Acid Proof Mortar in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Our Mortar is a two-section chemical setting base mortar utilized for holding acid resistant bricks and tiles. It is impermeable in surface and impervious to a wide scope of synthetic compounds, including solid acids soluble bases, oils, solvents and unaffected by temperature up to 170 C. Our Mortar is most noteworthy expending Acid Proof Materials among all other Joint Filling Acid Proof Mortars.

Cashew CNSL Mortar has superb Resistance against the two Acids and Alkali up to its Specific points of confinement. Cashew CNSL Mortar is broadly utilized for Joint Filling or Bedding and Jointing materials for bricks/tiles or mandana stones lining works in a few Industrial Projects. The Joints topped off with Cashew (CNSL) Acid/Alkali Proof Mortars give all plants inconvenience free service for quite a long time and years.

Having a lot of aptitude and a mix of innovative blend, we have been offering our supporters with a certifiable and premium range Acid Proof Mortar. Known for offering the top notch items, the organization is recognized for the quick setting and certifiable crude material. Thus the Acid Proof Mortar is accessible at industry leading cost.

We are one of the significant stockiest/vendors in Tamilnadu for different kinds of hard-headed and protection blocks, monolithic and acid resisting material, obliging the requirements of practically a wide range of huge, medium and little scale ventures, particularly in South India viz., Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. 

We serve customers from different divisions viz., steel, concrete, synthetic concoctions, glass, treatment facility, ferrous and non-ferrous enterprises, composts, power plants, sugar plants, cars, petro-items, nourishment items, and so forth. We have additionally sent out our products.

December 20, 2019

Corrosion Proof

Our company willing to offer effectual products and services related to chemical proof as well as corrosion proof in India. Corrosion proof particularly defined product item which have been manufactured by materials with very high resistance to corrosion. This basic term is to be mostly used when product or structure is entirely made from a material which has corrosion-resistant properties. We are top leading company who offer the best quality of acid proof and corrosion proof in India for example Furan mortar, Phenolic resin Mortar, Epoxy coatings, Glass Flake Filled Lining, Grouts, Bitumen Primer, Acid Resistance Tiles, Bricks, Epoxy, Bitumen Mastic and many More.

Corrosion proof Manufacturer is basic natural procedures which transfer a refined metal to a more stable from such as its oxide, hydroxide, or sulfide. This is one kind of protection against corrosion for handling and stopping corrosion on any kind of metals or any other surface.